Thanks Univision for covering [email protected] Techies, Latina Girls Code & Code Latino

Two years ago when [email protected] Techies first started, there were few, if any, [email protected] organizations in Chicago dedicated to increasing diversity in the tech industry. Now there are several, including three featured by Univision this past Friday:

Latina Girls Code: Founded by Blue 1647 in Pilsen, Latina Girls Code provides mentors and awesomely innovative coding workshops for girls from underserved communities. Check out pictures from their recent all-day coding workshop at Google!

Code Latino: It’s heartening to see a project from our first [email protected] Hackathon blossom into its very own organization. Based at 1871, Code Latino conducts regular coding workshops at 1871 and monthly meetups, Code & Chelas.

[email protected] Techies: Gozamos‘s community initiative, [email protected] Techies (hey, that’s us!) works to inspire the next generation of [email protected] in tech and leverage our skills to tackle issues in our communities. We crafted the first bilingual tech days in Chicago and just wrapped up our 2nd annual [email protected] Hackathon.

Click below to see Univision’s special feature (in Spanish):