[email protected] Techies Present & Kick-off Breakout Group at Chi Hack Night! [VIDEO]

[UPDATED] See video of the presentation:


Join us as our [email protected] Hackathon’s winning team present their project and we kickoff our regular breakout group at Chi Hack Night!

This past November, our all-day hackathon gathered 30 housing advocates, artists, developers, journalists, and community members to create community-driven tech solutions on fair housing and community development. Teams worked towards diverse solutions, from making zoning meetings transparent to empowering tenants through storytelling to making open data accessible to housing advocates.
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At Chi Hack Night on 1/24, [email protected] Hackathon co-organizers Luz Chavez and Kara Carrell will give an overview of the event. Noah Moskowitz, Antonio Gutierrez, Henri Idrovo, Shelley Hoover and Janet Gomez, all members of the winning team, will show off their project and how they tackled the question “How can we leverage technology to build renter power?”
Formed in 2014 as the first Latino tech network in Chicago, [email protected] Techies creates community-based events to expose young [email protected] to STEM, connect tech professionals, and, through our annual [email protected] Hackathon, leverage tech to tackle critical community issues.