[email protected] Techies Civic Hacking

MigraMap 2.0 Hack Day

All participants get free coffee & tea! Just go to the La Catrina counter!


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3A. Techies Tasks

3B. Nontechies

Ongoing Hack Nights Every Tuesday! Here’s how to get started:

  1. Join our Slack group

  2. Join us at ChiHackNight every Tuesday!

    • Register for ChiHackNight.
    • Grab a bite and check out the awesome presentation at ~6pm and then join us for the civic hacking at 7:15pm!
    • Find us in the cafeteria next to the #ImmigrationTaskForce16473817_1826465030952812_3899962978433311270_n
  3. Current Projects 

    • MigraMap:

      • We’re helping comp sci student Guillermo Rojas on his project to enhance MigraMap. Tech & non-tech volunteers needed ASAP to make MigraMap the go-to resource for ICE raids. Questions: @guillermokrh
    • Renters Power Project:

      • Meets Every First Tuesday of the Month!
      • This is the winning project from the 2016 [email protected] Hackathon. There’s much work to do to make it a reality. Check out the slideshow and video below to learn more about it.
      • Renters Power Github

    • #ImmigrationTaskForce:

      • This is a separate breakout group led by Yonathan Kogan. Our members split among working on LT projects and working on ITF projects. Check out ITF’s slack group!
    • Start Your Own Project:

      • We are looking to build new discrete projects for nonprofit [email protected] community organizations and community activist groups. If you have a connection or want to reach out to folks, reach out to Lat[email protected] Techies or invite folks to the next Chi Hack Night!
      • Share on Github/Latinotechies
  4. Get involved!

    [email protected] Techies is nonprofit and volunteer-run. We’re always looking for folks to help organize events or help with LT’s website and social media. Reach out! latinotechies[at]gmail.com

  5. Keep in touch!

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